Treat yourself daily

with our uniquely handcrafted vegan bath and body goods

Who said washing-up had to be boring?

Our delectable artisan soaps feature creative colors and designs, and they smell really good, too!

We use organic and fair trade ingredients

because your skin loves it, and around the world, the beautiful people who create these ingredients get to share in our success, as it should be.

We get to help our animal friends

which we consider our most important mission. We stand for animal liberation everywhere, and we give monthly donations to sanctuaries, rescues and other advocacy organizations to that end.

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The Story of Goby Perez

The Story of Goby Perez

Goby, like every other animal, just wants to be free from harm.  This is the story of how this little guy came into our lives.  

It needs to be told so that perhaps humans can engage in some self-reflection and  find within themselves compassion for ALL sentient beings.  

And in case you didn't already know, Quincy and Todd from Farm Bird sanctuary are rock stars...

Why vegan, you ask? Because it's a matter of justice

Why vegan, you ask? Because it's a matter of justice

It's the bare-bones, basic right of non-human animals not to be used, abused, murdered, commodified for human interests, selfishness, greed and co...