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Treat yourself daily

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Candle Tin- Carribean Cactus
In case you didn't know, cacti are taking over the world.  Imagine the smell of sweet coconut, a sunny vacation, and freshly-cut cactus stems all packed into a candle.  This aroma will get you daydreaming...  Oh yea..... #AllCactusEverything Our candle...
Soap Bar- Cactus Flowers
I warned you! #ALLCACTUSEVERYTHING The light yet uplifting scent of cactus stems, lemon, bergamot, winter berry, flowering succulent, violet, white musk, and vetiver is a winner.  Anything cactus is a winner.   For the colors we were inspired by the twirling...
Candle Tin- Lemon Verbena
Inspired by the famous Yankee Candle scent, this one needs no introduction.   Still, we can't help but point out how refreshing and invigorating and lemony this aroma is!  It works well in the office, in the kitchen, and just about...
Froth Bar-Cactus Flowers
When you need to create your own getaway in your bathtub, look no further than our froth bar.  Crumble 1/3 or half of the bar under the running water while you fill your bath tub.  Use as much of the...
$5.00 $4.00
Candle Tin- Tulip
If you love tulips, this is one is absolutely spot on.  This delightful scent brings on fresh petals, powerful floral, and subtle fruit notes into a combination that has you imagining your face is buried in a massive bouquet of...

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