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Treat yourself daily

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Soap Bar- Agave Azul
  Did you know that sweet agave nectar is extracted from the magestic blue agave plant that is cultivated in central Mexico, and that this very cool plant also provides a main ingredient for tequila production? So just like the plant, the scent...
Soap Bar- Raspberry Lemonade
Sweet and familiar, this bar will remind you of the smell of opening a jar of that Country Time raspberry lemonade powder and mixing it with water in your favorite pitcher. We use our soap on our hands, body and face. Handcrafted...
Soap Bar- Red KoolAid
That tropical punch KoolAid flavor that was everyone's favorite was the inspo for this bar.  The scent is on the lighter side, just like the drink.  With notes of cherry, strawberry and orange, it's a blast from the past. We...
Mini Soap Bar- Aguita de Melón
Just like that old cumbia bop, this one smells like the cantaloupe water your mom used to make in the summertime.  If you know you know ;) The size is about 3/4 the size of our usual bars. We use...