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Sammy Saves the Earth

Radley Boo Sticker

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3" matte sticker of Radley Boo Perez's very important message.

Designed by the fabulous Bird of Liberation Designs.  They're always down for the animals.

Radley Boo found his furever home on 11.14.21 when his mom and dad adopted him from a wonderful rescue, Bunnies United Network, in the Chicagoland area. Boo-man was rescued from a rabbit meat farm (yes...beyond deplorable) where he was living with severe wounds all over his body from attacks, likely from other rabbits. The injuries left him with a chunk missing from of his ear, but we think it gives him character. He was also in very poor health, and was in and out of the vet for the first 15 months of coming home.  He even had major TECABO surgery in December because he lived with chronic painful ear infections.  

Research shows that lop-eared bunnies are more prone to health issues such as narrowed ear canals, excess wax build up, and ear pain. Selective breeding over the years has caused these precious babies to have dental issues, such as misaligned and overgrown incisors, molar overgrowth and molar spurs, associated skull their shape. They also tend to suffer from breathing issues.  

Many people know to avoid puppy mills and “backyard breeders.” But many kind individuals are duped by people who claim to be “responsible breeders.” There’s no such thing. As long as pets continue to suffer from overpopulation, homelessness, and abandonment, no breeding can be considered “responsible.”

All breeders fuel the animal overpopulation crisis, and every time someone purchases a puppy, kitten, bunny, fish, piglet, duckling, chick, and really any kind of animal that people purchase, instead of adopting from an animal shelter or sanctuary, homeless animals lose their chance of finding a home. Breeders don't typically require the animals they sell to be spayed or neutered, so the animals they sell can soon have litters of their own, creating even more animals to fill homes that could have gone to animals who are literally dying for them.

Every animal that is bred takes away a home from one of the millions of homeless animals who already exist and who desperately need care and safety.

Please adopt and don't shop!