About Us


Sammy is a very special rabbit, whose beautiful soul and unique character was the inspiration behind the brand.  Although he had an unfortunate past prior to arriving at the Dane County Humane Society, with lots of love, proper nutrition, and free reigns of the house, Sammy blossomed into a very charismatic and happy little guy.

It was Sammy that made us think of animals in a different light.   We had always been “animal lovers”, but we had never before stopped to truly consider what that meant.  We made the connection, via Sammy, that animals are sentient, and that moment was life-altering.  We could no longer justify using animals, and we began to educate ourselves about their plight.  After all, if you love something, logically you don’t choose to hurt it, right?  We found out that using animals is quite often bad for our health and for the environment, so we felt this lifestyle change would be a win-win situation for all.   Honestly, once we understood the big picture, the switch was easy!

Our newfound knowledge got us to analyze our consumption, and we learned to read product labels.  We would stand in store aisles and "Google" ingredients that were unfamiliar to us, and one of the first things we discovered is that our household products were teeming with animal by-products and cruelty.   From then on, we began making our own, and that’s how Sammy Saves the Earth came to be.  With a fondness for creating and sharing our goodies, we are always trying new things.  We're also members of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, our professional trade association.  Hopefully, we can create a variety of products for people to enjoy, while helping to make a difference, even if ever so small, for all earthlings.